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Clean Masks = Healthier People

To aid endeavors to combat the spread of COVID-19, Corbion Montmeló employees offered the use of their industrial centrifuge to sterilize half masks for a neighboring community of Montmeló, Spain.

The mayor of the town brought masks to Corbion, where employees sterilized and packed 2,000 masks, mainly for elder care facilities. They have continued these efforts for several days.

We are proud to see our employees reaching out to help their local communities at this time.

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Corbion Care and Collaboration Values

At Corbion, Care and Collaboration – two of our corporate values – sometimes combine with sheer talent in ways that make a profound difference in people's lives ... as they did recently in the fight against COVID-19.

It happened in March, when two nursing teachers in The Netherlands learned about the severe healthcare staffing shortage in Italy and decided to create a LinkedIn post calling on former healthcare professionals to make themselves available for service. The response to that post was overwhelming and enthusiastic!

Just two days later, a project team was formed by the two nursing teachers, Karin van Montfoort and Renske Verhoeven; José Geertsema, an experienced director and innovation advisor in healthcare; and Corbion's senior communication manager, Sanne Verhoeven. In collaboration with volunteers experienced in IT, social media and training, the project team worked day and night to recruit former healthcare professionals, build a matching system, provide mental health-related support tools and create crisis training for the workers.

The team reached out to collaborate with RegioPlus, the umbrella organization for 14 regional employer organizations in healthcare, and various other parties. Their work together resulted in 20,000 former healthcare professionals becoming registered in the national database, Extra hands for healthcare ( Dutch), which is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.





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