The appliance of science

What defines innovation at Corbion? It’s about great ideas and state-of-the-art technologies.

Our commitment to innovation is deeply embedded in our strategy and culture. Some 12% of our global workforce works directly in R&D – working together and with our global network of partners to turn science into original biobased applications and innovations that meet customer and market needs.

Collaborating with like-minded partners allows our customers to make conscious choices, so they can develop better, more sustainable innovations and products, based on renewable resources. We use our core technologies to make existing products even better for customers, or enter adjacent markets with current product lines, as well as developing revolutionary technologies that have never been seen before.

It is important to keep the end-market at the front of mind, ensuring connections are made with the right potential partners throughout the value chain – to create the best chance of a breakthrough and make a real difference.

For us, it’s clear that choosing the right partner is only the first stage. That’s why Corbion applies its innovation stage gate process – a step-by-step process of assessment of key milestones and market viability at every project stage. This ultimately enables us to progress only the best projects from lab stage to demo phase, and all the way to industrial scale manufacturing – saving valuable time and money.


Innovation stage gate process
Innovation stage gate process




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