PURACAL® is our family of natural, calcium-based minerals. Ideal for beverage fortification, they have a neutral ?avor, outstanding bioavailability and a minimal impact on application and process.

With milk consumption dropping and bone diseases like osteoporosis on the rise, our PURACAL? solutions offer you the ideal way to fortify your beverages with natural minerals – and differentiate yourself from the competition. PURACAL? products dissolve fast – a serious advantage when processing at low manufacturing temperatures and blending in-line.

Which PURACAL is best for you?


PURACAL PP calcium lactate has a 14% mineral content.


PURACAL XPro calcium lactate gluconate has a mineral content of 13% (ideal when high solubility is needed)


PURACAL XPerform calcium lactate gluconate, when an even more neutral taste is needed.


PURACAL QStable 140 stabilized calcium carbonate enables calcium fortification of pH neutral soy milk.


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