Corbion has been listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam exchange since 11 August 1920 and is part of the Amsterdam Midkap Index (AMX) and the Next 150 Index.

31 December 2014, a total of 62,041,761 ordinary shares had been issued.?

2014 share announcements

On 9 May 2014, Corbion announced that 10,263,027 treasury shares and 409,513 financing preference shares (FPC series) had been cancelled.? The shares were purchased in the period 29 July 2013 up to and including 12 November 2013.?

The common shares were purchased at an average price of €17.63 for a total consideration of? €180,937,166. As a result the number of issued common shares has decreased by 14.3% to 61,676,915. The financing preference shares (FPC series) were purchased at par totalling €9,607,175.?

2015 share announcements

Corbion commenced a € 50 million share buyback program announced on March 2, 2015. The program was completed on September 30, 2015.

Under this program, in total 2,487,296 ordinary shares have been repurchased at a volume weighted average price of € 18.4940 per share, totaling € 46.0 million and 170,500 financing preference shares (series FPA, FPB and FPC) at par totaling? € 4.0 million. All repurchased shares will be cancelled before the end of 2015.

The share buyback program was part of Corbion's commitment to return € 100 million in 2015 to shareholders through a € 50 million additional cash dividend and a € 50 million share buyback program, as communicated in our Strategy Update 'Disciplined Value Creation' on 30 October 2014.

Periodically Corbion will review its debt position in relation to the investment plans, and decide upon potential further distributions.

To see an overview of Corbion's share buyback program in 2015 in Excel, please download the file below:?

Overview transaction history Corbion share buyback 2015.xls

Codes and classification

Euronext ticker symbol: CORB
Reuters instrument code (RIC): CSM-AE.AS
Bloomberg instrument code: CRBN NA
ISIN code: NL0010583399

Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) industry: Consumer Goods
ICB supersector: 3500, Food & Beverage
ICB sector: 3570, Food Producers
ICB subsector: 3577, Food Products




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